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  3. Hi i am struggling abit to calculate the difference in pips
    my opening price is 8.82972 and my stop loss is 8.78097 GBP/DKK, what is the difference in pips and how do i calculate it?

  4. Salamalaku .. Thank you all for hooking me up with Mr Vladislav , I am now exchanging email with him and from what he says we are going to start trading tomorrow and hopefully I will be made a millionaire also . It's unbelievable I finally got the best forex trader to teach me . for those with similar issues here is his email he is always happy to help vladislav@

  5. I just joined today and about 1 minute into training I'm freaking excited dude haha. I have been trying to master trades using the TDI for years now but this system looks like it will make it super simple lol. Sorta like an exploit!

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