A Forex Trading Strategy That Works In Any Markets or Timeframes


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  1. Very good video. Your method of deciding to go long or short is similar to mine, except that I use the 50 and 200 MA together and base it on whether one is above the other rather than price itself. Do you enter trades by adding liquidity or removing it from the market?

  2. Hi Rayner thanks for your educational free videos, its hard to find from any good traders to teaching theirs knowledge. As I am beginner trader I am very interested with pivot points. Could you make a video about it please

  3. This is the most simple and yet amazingly powerful trick I have learned today (point system), which actually keeps track of my discipline during trading. Bad discipline often get overshadowed when you are still making profit. And then one fine day, it punishes you badly and even if you want to do the root cause analysis of your failure, you don't remember exactly where and how many rules you broke. This point system has ability to keep warning about not to get carried away by profits since you have made the profit out of luck because your discipline points are negative. 🙂 Thanks a million Rayner! 🙂

  4. rayner firt i have to say i love the chinese accent is so cute been greek i have my owen accent aswell i just want to say very good simple video of how to trade thank you

  5. What is the best way to determine when a big sudden move (Forex, Oil-minis, S&P-minis) is definitely over and beginning a re-trace? It doesn't matter to me whether I need to use indicators (combination of), or a chart pattern, or a candlestick pattern. I am just looking for the best way to know when a big sudden move is completely over and starting it's re-trace.

    Obviously it can never be known with complete certainty, I'm just looking for the best way to know the highest percentage of probability.

  6. Boy boy boy, Rayner your the best teacher ever on YouTube 🤗! This particular video has made me a better trader, I can actually trade with confidence! Its all clear, simple to follow nothing complicated! Thanks u thank u for sharing, thumbs up👍👍

  7. Very important point. Emotions !! I like your point system. Generally people are knowledgeble but not emotionally strong. Human physchology. Nicely explained. Thanks a lot.

  8. Rayner when do take profits then? Im currently following Adam khoo and he goes by risk 1R for 2R, is this the same or do you move stop loss as your trade plays out to your favour and lock in profits for as long as possible?

  9. What about before november 8th on EURCAD daily chart? When the price is above the SMA then we have trigger for sell, and when the price is below SMA then we have trigger for buy. No trade for a months? What about trade management? Where is SL an TP? Thank you!

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