90. How to Place Your First Forex Trade


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  2. So, we place a buy trade on the EUR/USD as we believe the value will go up (at some time, dont know when, how high, or when it wil start to come down). We put a' take profit' (for safety) at a value above the value at time of trade. Now if the price reaches the TP, the trade closes. If the price doesnt reach the TP and start to go down, can we do a manual TP before it reaches the start price?? Why would we put a Stop Loss at a price level beneath the start price> The mechanics of the trade on the platform have never been fully explained. For instance, if there is no expiry time for a trade, can't I just sit and wait for the price to go up , and if it reverses, wait until it goes up again and so on, until it reaches where I want it to go?

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  7. Hi Dave, I'm new at this forex stuff. I appreciate the info you put out there. With all the information you give us, would that be sufficient enough to do real trades or would you recommend any reading material? Thanks

  8. many are in agreement here that over the long term the bailouts will cause the USD to weaken, however in the short to medium term because of a number of factors which we are discussing on InformedTrades the USD is in an uptrend. Best Regards, Dave

  9. i've been watching msnbc and they say that the markets have already priced in an obama victory. with that said, i'm of the opinion that given the bailout has passed and we are continuously bailing out more companies, the euro will stregnthen.

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