115. Forex Trading Fundamentals Quiz – Test Your Knowledge


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  1. 6. Increasing the value of the currency, increase demand for the currency
    7. Currency value goes high because of demand for the currency to buy gold
    8. Jpy will rise in value
    9. Explaination needed
    10. Explaination needed..

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  3. 1 lower interest rate
    2 raise interest or print more cash
    3 currency rise
    4 currency decrease
    5 negative current account balance and decrease in currency
    6 positive current account balance and increase in currency
    7 currency decrease
    8 increase in CAD and decrease in JYN
    9 more consumption means higher interest rate, and vise versa
    10 service

  4. Hey Forexfrenzy, For some reason sometimes the videos don't play but I haven't removed any of the videos so if you refresh the screen normally it will start to play even when it says its no longer available. Best Regards, Dave

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